The World Federation of Academic Institutions for Global Health held a teleconference on January 27th.

We want to share the meeting minutes with you:




  1. Leonel Valdivia (Chair)
  2. Nuria Casamitjana
  3. Sir Andy Haines
  4. Albrecht Jahn
  5. Ulrich Laaser
  6. John Finnegan
  7. Antione Flahaut
  8. Marian Offei (Minutes)
  9. Karla Cifuentes Castillo (Minutes)



The meeting started at 1:05 GMT.



The minutes of the meeting held on 25th November, 2014 were read and approved.



3.1 Update on WFAIGH finances

Nuria reported that she is consultation with her administrative officers seeking to defining a way of opening a WFAIGH account. Once this issue is settled, member networks will be requested to proceed with dues payment as agreed at the October meeting in Berlin. Marian reported that we still have US$9,989.00 in our account in Ghana since the Association of Schools of Public Health in Africa (ASPHA) have paid all our expenses. Leonel expressed appreciation for the ASPHA contribution that saved WFAIGH funds and reminded members that the funds available were a generous donation of ASPPH through John Finnegan.

3.2 WFAIGH collaboration with IGH-UNIGE on WHA related events

Antione reported that plans are moving ahead to hold a series of Policy and Technical Briefins (PTB) on 10 priority themes of the World Health Assembly. The PTBs will jointly organized by the University of Geneva, Institute of Global Health, the Graduate Institute of Geneva and the WFAIGH.. The activity will consist of a three-day workshop to be held on June 4-6, 2015 at the University of Geneva. The workshop will be conducted in conjunction with the “Spring School of Global Health” of the University of Geneva, attendees will include doctoral students of the University and staff of Diplomats of Permanent missions form LMIC.  Masters and doctoral students from other universities and WHO staff will also be invited.

The 10 topics for the Policy and Technical Briefings will be defined as soon as the WHA agenda become available. WFAIGH member networks will be invited to proposed expert speakers on som of the topics. Antoine will send further information via email.

3.3 WFAIGH collaboration (MOU) with UNU-Institute of Global Health

Andy reported that, after discussions with Tony Capon, Director of UNU-IGH,  an MOU have been drafted and he circulating to member networks. The MOU commits UNU-IGH and the WFAIGH to conduct research and other activities to contribute to the post-2015 agenda through the UN system. The MOU contemplates three priority areas of collaboration:  ‘health and sustainability’, ‘global health governance’ and ‘universal health coverage’ , but it is proposed that, initiative, the focus should on the first two – healrh and sustainability and global health governance.

John Finnegan and Ulrich Laaser agreed to collaborate with Andy in completing a final version of the MOU for signature, define the remit and composition of the work groups and, generally, devise ways of moving forward to put the MOU into operation.  Once this preaparatory briefings are completed, member network will be ask to nominate members for each of the work groups based on the areas of expertise and interest of their member institutions.

3.4 First General meeting of WFAIGH 2015

It was suggested we have our General meeting in 2016 so we can use this year to strengthen the federation. It was also suggested we piggybak on ongoing programmes and meetings of our members to get connected with other networks.

3.5 Nominations for Vice President/ President-elect

It was suggested that each Network should nominate members for the position as early as possible.


4.0 ANY OTHER BUSINESS                      

Leonel suggested that we encourage the representatives from the other networks who do not participate in the teleconferences to do so.


5.0 ACTION POINTS                      

  • Antoine to summarise the programme at the WHA and send to members after the teleconference.
  • Nuria to enquire about the fee for transferring money from Ghana to Barcelona.
  • Andy, Ulrich and John to plan on how we can operationalize the working groups by getting members to join.


6.0     CLOSING

The meeting ended at 2:20 GMT.


7.0 Next TC Meeting

The next TC call will be held in approximately two months time (i.e. late March to early April 2015)

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