The World Federation of Academic Institutions for Global Health held a teleconference on April 7th.

We want to share the meeting minutes with you:




  1. Leonel Valdivia (Chair)
  2. Nuria Casamitjana
  3. Ulrich Laaser
  4. John Finnegan
  5. Antione Flahaut
  6. Kerry Griffin (on behalf of Jo Ivey Boufford)
  7. Karla Cifuentes Castillo (Minutes)


      Andy Haines

      Julian Kickbusch



The meeting started at 10:05 GMT.



The minutes of the meeting held on 27thJanuary, 2015were read and approved.


3.0 WFAIGH participation at 6th CUGH Conference and ASPPH Annual Meeting

Leonel informed of his participation in the Annual Meeting of the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health and the 6th Conference of the Consortium of Universities for Global Health. These meetings were held in Washington and Boston respectively. Both these groups are among the founding networks of WFAIGH.  At both meetings, Leonel was able to talk to academic leaders about the Federation and received expressions of support to our work.  Antoine was a speaker at the ASPPH meeting, presenting an interesting (‘provocative´) paper contracting the concepts of GH and PH. Antoine agreed to send copy of presentation to members.  Leonel and Antoine were also able to discuss various WFAIGH matters during this time.  At the CUGH, he was invited to attend a Board meeting where he made a short presentation on the Federation´s plans and call on those present to join the tasks that are being organized from the WFAIGH, call that was well received by the Board members present. Leonel also had an opportunity of meeting with Michael Merson, Director of the Duke Global Health Institute and Wolfgang Joklik Professor of Global Health. Michael is interested in collaborating with the WFAIGH in tasks leading to advancing a common concept of Global Health and identifying basic competencies for GH education in academic institutions.  


4.0 WFAIGH involvement in WHA related events

Antoine reported on the Spring School of Global Health organized by the University of Geneva, Institute of Global Health, the Graduate Institute of Geneva and the WFAIGH. The activity will consist of a three-day workshop to be held on June 4-6, 2015 at the University of Geneva. The workshop will have attendees that include doctoral students of the University and staff of Diplomats of Permanent missions form LMIC.  Master’s and doctoral students from other universities and WHO staff will also be invited. In addition, WFAIGH is co-sponsoring a one-day event called “Health Literacy Forum” to be held on May 20th as a side event of the WHA. Peter Chang of the Asia Health Literacy Association and a member of WFAIGH is the organizer of this event.

It is expected that the WFAIGH involvement in the WHA in collaboration with the University of Geneva will become a regular activity of the Federation.  


5.0 WFAIGH collaboration with UNU/IIGH

In the absence of Andy, Leonel reported that conversations between Andy and Tony Capon (Director of the UNU International Institute of Global Health) have continued at a slower pace due to the heavy agenda of Andy. However, an important new development is the conversations of Andy with Mark Stafford - Smith and Frans.

Breakout of Future Earth (

This is a major 10 year global research collaboration on sustainability. They are keen on a health platform  within Future Earth and this could be a good way forward to focus the collaboration between UNU and WFAIGH. One possibility is that the first stage of the collaboration could coordinate health input into Future Earth, although it would be dependent on finding excellent researchers from our various networks with relevant expertise in environment, sustainability and public health.

Ulrich reminded us that the Future Earth focus is on environmental issues and expressed concern about not losing focus on universal health coverage. .


Leonel presented the idea of establishing a permament partnership between the Federation and the M8 Alliance. The rationale being that the M8 Alliance has become an important think tank with a worldwide membership including top academic institutions. Antoine offered to explore this idea with the M8 leadership at their next in Kyoto on April 15th. It was also informed that we should soon begin to plan our involvement in the next WHS 2015 to be held in October 2015. Some of our members, either regularly attend (e.g. Antoine, Andy, Leonel, Giorgio) or have mentioned their intention to attend (e.g. Pierre Buekens, John Finnegan, Mike Merson). Antoine and John agreed to begin discussions on one or two possible events for the WHS 2015.



Nuria informed us that, after trying several alternatives, we have come to the conclusion of establishing a Federation account at the University of Geneva. This would be under the supervision of the Antoine at the UNIGE/IGH but funds will be collected and disbursed only under instruction from the WFAIGH Treasurer.  This was considered good news as it will enable us to begin collecting dues from our members and other potential donations. .


8.0 ANY OTHER BUSINESS                      


Antoine Flahaunt will share documents on accreditation through the APHEA.


9.0     CLOSING

The meeting ended at 11:20 GMT.


10.0 Next TC Meeting

The next meeting will take place in Geneva on June 6th, 2015.


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