The Federation consists of 3 tiers of Members.

Tier #1 Regional Associations of Academic Institutions.Member Organizations are regional bodies that coordinate academic institutions and/or scientific/learned societies, with an interest in public and global health and which have open membership. They are referred to as Member Organizations of the Federation. Member Organizations are part of the Assembly and have designated Representatives.


Tier #2 Institutional Members are those institutions that belong to the regional bodies represented by Tier #1 Member Organizations. Tier #2 members, along with Tier #1 Member Organization Representatives, and Tier 3 members, comprise the Assembly and are non-voting. Representatives are eligible to serve on Committees and Working Groups.


Tier #3 members are Individuals and Affiliated Institutions. Individuals (including students), institutional supporters, funding agencies, government agencies, and other academic or quasi-academic institutions with an interest in public and global health. Affiliated Institutions or Individual Members, i.e., Tier #3 members, are non-voting. Tier #3 members may participate in the Assembly and serve on Working Groups or as Observers on Committees.

New members and supporters shall endorse The Federation’s mission statement and objectives. The Executive Committee will decide whether or not to accept Members of all types.

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